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What is Curethedance♥©?


Curethedance♥© is a new and innovative arts center for dance, music and theatre. It is a real philosophy applied to dance and all the art forms carried out through the exploration of a technique built on the individual, a methodology that respects the physical and mental needs of the students, and a use of a modulated tone of voice deemed appropriate by the instructor. This methodology allows for the student to achieve his/her own potential through a healthy approach that is true and vital to this wonderful discipline that is an organic necessity.

Dance provides an outlet, at every age or level of experience, to build and expand on personal creativity and uniqueness through movement. The foundation that Curethedance♥© is built upon is essential to providing the building blocks for the student and the instructor, which is to find the equilibrium between the physical and the emotional.

Curethedance♥© provides the tools for the following:

-         A safe environment to express unique individuality

-         Development of spontaneous, creative yet functional movement

-         The Practice of Conscious Movement©




What didactics do we follow?

The didactics we follow all serve a purpose that ultimately lead to The Practice of Conscious Movement©

-         The Vaganova Method: Promotes dancing with the whole body in order to acquire harmony of movement.

-         Sensitive Dance®: Focuses on the conscious relationship between man and the world where there is a necessary dialogue between macro and micro movements.

-         Chladek System®: Researches the origins and relationships of movement to help develop its potential, thanks to the profound relationship that is established with the body.

-         Barre Flexible: Puts the "heart," in the physical and organic sense of the term, into the movement and at the center of instruction.


Who is the creator of Curethedance♥©?

Conscious Movement© instructor and choreographer Alessandra Grasso began her career at the Accademia Nazionale di Danza in Rome, Italy where she received her teaching certificate. She also obtained the Vaganova ballet technique and Character dance Teaching Diploma from the Academy of Ballet in Kiev, Ukraine. For many years she was part of the Teaching Association at the Academy of Monte Carlo, Monaco where she further developed her knowledge of ballet movement. She completed her teaching series by receiving her diploma as a “Danzaeducatore” (dance educator) at the Musikè of Bologna under the instruction of Franca Zagatti. Alessandra has performed all over Italy and Europe as a member of her own company “Solo di Donne” and currently under Curethedance♥©. Her approach to Conscious Movement© began with her studies of Sensitive Dance® (Claude Coldy), Barre Flexible (Wilfride Piollet) at the Prague Conservatory, and finally the Chladek System® (Ingrid Giel) in Vienna, Austria. As a result Curethedance♥© was born.

Upcoming Workshops

Conscious Movement© with Alessandra Grasso

Friday March 1, 2013 - Sunday March 3, 2013
Adults (18+) – All levels.

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